The Second One is a short story as told by the serial killer, who gives an account of his first two murders, the events leading up to them, and what he felt afterwards.

The Second One is a short story that raises the question of what happens when belief in the afterlife is gone. When an individual believes there is no penalty for doing 'bad', or reward for doing 'good'. What happens when each individual thinks there are no spiritual consequences, and that 'good' and 'bad' are for each individual to define.

This is a work of fiction. Some readers didn't like the premise of a writer posing as the killer and telling the story from that perspective. One reader simply said 'just plain dumd', spelled like that, without elaborating as to why. Perhaps the premise is a little too hard to believe, other readers seemed to like it, so it's a matter of the reader preference.

As with all other works by Omar, the writing has room for improvement, but it's a story you won't see too many other places, aside from shows on premium channels like Dexter.


Sampling of reviews from Amazon readers:

Just plain dumd - Cyn

Kept my interest, it's like "criminal minds" but the killers point of view. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good criminal action story. - Ace

so I definitely enjoyed this book since it came first hand from experience and all... but I just don't know what to rate the book cuz I feel like if I rate it high I will be agreeing with what he has done... but at the same time I wanted to keep on reading and only put the book down when absolutely needed... so I'll just go in the middle I guess haha... Der would recommend this book tho!! def am looking forward to the next book!!! - Kindle Customer



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