This is a collection of original short stories from O.M. Kiam

Hit and Run - a story of revenge (fiction)

The Banking Failure - A perfect storm brings about a banking collapse (fiction, but something that can potentially happen)

Shoe Shining - two eleven year old boys find a way to make money (non-fiction)

John Quinn - A serial killer's account of his first two murders (fiction, we hope)


Sampling of reviews from Amazon readers:

Great stories to keep you reading past bedtime - Hank

Shoe Shining is a charming look into the minds of a pair of enterprising if not entirely honest boys. I enjoyed their entrepreneurial spirit and their pride in earning money through their own efforts. A nice little story. -AK Mystery Mom

John Quinn - it's like "criminal minds" but the killers point of view. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good criminal action story. - Ace




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